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Mad Honey : A Novel by Picoult, Jodi
Looking for Leroy by Carlson, Melody
Busy Betty / by Witherspoon, Reese
The Ninth Month by Patterson, James
Dreamland : A Novel by Sparks, Nicholas
Overkill : by Brown, Sandra
Triple Cross by Patterson, James
Pinch Your Pottery : by Atkin, Jacqui
Total Body Beautiful : by Orbeck, Andrea
Jack In the Box : by O'Brien, Jack
The Sleep Prescription : by Prather, Aric
The Study of Human Life / by Bennett, Joshua
The Sandcastle Hurricane / by Brown, Carolyn
Small Game : by Braverman, Blair
A Pros and Cons List for Strong Feelings : by Betke-Brunswick, Will
Plant Coach : the Beginner's Guide to Caring for Plants and the Planet / by Cutsumpas, Nick
Justice Corrupted : by Cruz, Ted
Complete National Parks of the United States : by White, Mel
Marmee : by Miller, Sarah
The Ultimate All-Around Stitch Dictionary : by Bernard, Wendy
The Personal Assistant / by Belle, Kimberly
Meat Thy Maker / by Myers, Tamar
Winterland : by Meadows, Rae
Alone With You In the Ether : by Blake, Olivie
Prep + Rally : by Klein, Dini
Dog Tricks Even You Can Teach Your Pet : by Macdonald, Carina Beth
Radio's Greatest of All Time / by Limbaugh, Rush H
And There Was Light : by Meacham, Jon
How Do We Know Ourselves? : by Myers, David G
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