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We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

The Iola Public Library has an opportunity for a customer-focused, friendly, and energetic part-time Library Assistant.

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SEKnFind New Books

Angry me / by Feder, Sandra V.,
Sueño Bay adventures : 3, Hermit Hill / by Deas, Mike,
Sir Ladybug / by Tabor, Corey R.,
What was the turning point of the Civil War?: Alfred Waud goes to Gettysburg / by Crenshaw, Ellen T.,
Steve L. McEvil : by Turnbloom, Lucas P.,
Surviving the wild : Rainbow the koala  by Lai, Remy,
I survived the attack of the grizzlies, 1967 / by Ball, Georgia,
Enola Holmes / by Blasco, Serena,
Out in the wild! / by Lowery, Mike,
Heart takes the stage / by Steenz
The tower of time / by Peirce, Lincoln,
Anne of West Philly : by Weir, Ivy Noelle,
The first cat in space ate pizza / by Barnett, Mac,
The prisoner of Shiverstone / by Moore, Linette,
Gina and the big secret / by Winick, Judd,
Button pusher / by Page, Tyler,
Wingbearer / by Liu, Marjorie M.,
Apple crush / by Knisley, Lucy,
The chosen : Book two, come and see / by Jenkins, Jerry B.,
Who was the greatest? : Muhammad Ali / by Soria, Gabriel,
Your pal Fred / by Rex, Michael,
Little monarchs / by Case, Jonathan,
The family you make : by Shalvis, Jill
Buster Keaton : by Curtis, James,
The healing garden : by Blankespoor, Juliet
Grow more food : by McCrate, Colin
English conversation / by Yates, Jean
The Forager's handbook : by Shufer, Vickie
Outdoor kids in an inside world : by Rinella, Steven
Ordinary monsters / by Miro, J. M.

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