On Tuesday, it was a nice, warm day and nearly 50 gathered outside, bringing with them their shirts to create their own paint art. We provided the paint, brushes, and an assortment of “odd” items to apply with and they did the artful creating. Some of the “odd” things were: toothbrushes, sticks, fly swatters, poufs, spray bottles, jar lids, etc. They also played in the sprinkler and had some ice pops to cool off. Do you see any little that you know? If you do, be sure to tell them you saw them on our page and let them know they did a great job! Just look at all those creative juices flowing! They even painted on foil with colored ice!

We all had such a good time. Any time we can get together and create is a GREAT time. Thank you to the grownups for bringing your littles to spend the afternoon together.
I love my job!