If you haven’t been in to see the improved area in the Children’s Library, make sure you do! As seen in these photos, kiddos and grownups alike are enjoying the new space and all that it has to offer.

Here is the story behind the two little notes you see. I came in to work on Tuesday morning to find a neat Origami folded paper and then a small folded note. The note says “if you found this, go to the treen in the back and look in the leaves”.
I got excited! I love scavenger hunts. I am usually the one that hides treasures like this for people so off I went!
The second note was indeed found in the leaves. It said, “Hey you found me. Hope you are having a good day”.
I did! This just made my morning for sure!
While I’m not sure who this sweet person is, I loved the quest. Thank you!