The Library is nominated for Thrive Allen County’s Award for Excellence in Recreation. Staff will be recognized at the Thrive Annual Dinner on November 18. The Library’s programs, described as “Fun for the whole family with summer reading and programs for all ages,” are dreamed up, organized, and lead by several members of the staff. Lesa Cole, Children’s Librarian, put together all of the programs for Summer Reading, storytime, and the new monthly Play Dates. Colleen Dobbins, Library Assistant, and Melissa Smoot, Public Services Librarian, work together to plan and execute adult programs including blood drives and guest speakers.

Thrive Allen County presents awards each year to organizations and individuals doing exceptional things in our community. We believe that good work deserves to be recognized and success needs to be celebrated.

Four awards are given for excellence in our primary program areas: Health and Wellness, Recreation, Education, and Economic Development. Allen County’s banking community comes together to recognize Unsung Heroes from Eastern Allen County, Humboldt, and Iola. The Lifetime Service Award is given rarely for longstanding dedication to our community. Finally, the Donna Talkington Award is Thrive’s highest recognition, given each year to an extraordinary community member.

Past recipients of this award include current Iola Public Library Board Trustee Marilyn Logan, the 2018 Volunteer of the Year. Marilyn Logan, IPL Trustee and 2018 Award recipient
Clyde Toland
Tracy Lee