If you have a little one, please think about getting them signed up. They can win prizes as they reach milestones. During this growth time of their lives, reading is super important to their development. And, it’s a great bonding time too!

Each time they reach a milestone, they get a prize and if you are okay with it, I would like to get a photo of them to put on my brag wall by my desk!
At the end, when they reach 1000 books, they will receive an awesomely fantastical, bootimus t-shirt for their hard work!! And maybe even a goody bag.
Did I mention that it is a COOL T-shirt? Because it is!

Come see me and get your little one signed up and start charting those books you read to them. Also, tune in on each Wednesday at 10:30 when I do Storytime right here on our Facebook page or you can log in via ZOOM.

You can count those books that I read too!!
It’s a win – win!!